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Six Psychological Factors Affecting Children's Reading (Part 2)

Aug. 07, 2020

3. Family influence

Studies have shown that parents'language expression ability and style are an important variable that affects children's reading. The family environment can be roughly divided into two types:

One is the family that values language. In this kind of family, parents often use more standardized language to communicate with their children, and language communication occupies a large part of family life. In this kind of family, parents often talk with children when they restrict their children to watching TV. Parents use accurate and standardized words, have high cultural literacy, and can speak well. Therefore, speech becomes the main life content of the family. Children who grow up in this kind of family are stimulated by good language since they are young, and they know the importance of language, so they develop the habit of re-reading. Our company provides OEM anime coloring book.

The other kind of family is the family that lacks language stimulation. Parents are either taciturn or simple, and don't pay attention to the richness and standardization of words. The children live in a family that lacks language stimulation and are not aware of the importance of language, so they lack language experience since childhood. This kind of child is likely to be like parents, attaching importance to operation and activities, strong hands-on ability, but poor language ability. For a long time, it has cultivated the habit of children not to read.

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4. Emotional problems

Children's emotions and emotions are also important factors that affect reading. Some children have a feeling of fear and anxiety about reading. Because of their poor reading ability, they have a fear of reading. They dare not try to speak or read aloud, so they do not get more learning opportunities.

In addition, some children are bored with reading. They avoid and dislike reading due to various past experiences. This prevents them from focusing on active reading activities and have a strong interest in non-reading activities.

There are also children with low self-esteem who don't like to read. They think they are bad children and no one likes them. They always focus on how to make others look up to them, and are not interested in reading. When reading, they cannot concentrate. Reading is an activity that requires extra attention. It requires more attention than any other learning activity.

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