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How to Teach Children to Play Puzzles?

May. 22, 2020

When talking about OEM Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids, many people think that it is for older children. The impression is still that the jigsaw puzzle is very difficult, not like a toy for young children. There are many types of puzzle games that are suitable for all groups of people. From as little as 1-3 years old to as old as adults, you can find puzzles that are suitable for you to play. What is the effect of playing puzzles?

The puzzle requires the baby to have the ability to carefully observe the picture and judge whether it is correct or not. At the same time, it is also a good game to exercise the flexibility of the baby's hand and cultivate imagination.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids

Playing a custom Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids will make the baby observe carefully, think about the relationship between the patterns, hold it in hand and try it together, etc. The whole process is a complicated project, so, Can give benign stimulation to the baby in many ways. "

Let your baby play puzzles from 1 1/2 years to 3 years old! The ability to make puzzles is not innate. If you break up a box of puzzles directly, throw them in front of a two-year-old baby, and say: Well, go and put it together. The baby will be fooled ...

Some dolls threw pieces around, some swallowed their mouths, and some took two pieces at random. Some dolls don't look at the pictures at all. In the final analysis, the children have no idea how to play the puzzle game, and what is the ultimate goal of the game. At this time, parents need help and guidance.

For babies less than one and a half years old, this kind of pit-filling puzzle can be introduced first. In fact, it is also very reluctant to call the jigsaw ... that is, put different patterns into the corresponding pits. At the beginning, three blocks were enough. But every month of growing up will show obvious changes, so the number of puzzle pieces should increase every month. Common shapes, animals, cars, letters. When buying, please try to choose the category that your child is interested in.

Tips: This kind of pit-filling puzzle, the kind of baby with a handle will get started faster, and children who are too small without the handle will be very angry if they ca n’t press into the pit ... The vast majority of children are not able to get it before one year In this pit-filling game, they will take out each piece and play it alone, but they don't know how to put it in the pit. Baby about one and a half years old will consciously pair up.

When was the standard puzzle introduced?

When the baby can skillfully complete the pit-filling puzzle, he is ready to enter the standard jigsaw puzzle.

Don't push the jagged puzzle too early. From a developmental point of view, the baby's fingers usually become flexible between one and a half years and two years old, so babies under one and a half years old are clumsy even if they are smart enough.

Transition puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be introduced from a small number of pieces. There are some 2 pieces, 4 pieces and 6 pieces of small puzzles on the market. The colorful pictures are simple and can be used as a transition. For example, this two piece, disassembled for the baby, the baby can easily get what this is doing:

It ’s a little harder to master the two and three or four pieces: we can increase the difficulty step by step. At the beginning, we only give the child one picture, then the two pictures are mixed together in four pieces, and then three pictures in four vice ... ...

Among the currently available products, the most suitable standard jigsaw for baby entry is the multi-piece floor and multi-layer jigsaw, suitable for babies aged 2+.

So, how do parents teach children to play with standard puzzles?

Let ’s talk about a stupid way first: you can show it to your baby over and over again. As long as he is willing to watch it, he will learn it naturally ... In addition to the stupid way, parents can use the following games to help children understand the meaning of the puzzle

Put all the puzzles together, only remove one corner and let the child put it back.

The advantage of the multi-layer puzzle is to help children compare sizes and exercise spatial imagination. For children, it is a magical visual experience to see the elephants grow larger layer by layer and cover the small elephants below. Like other puzzles, multi-layer puzzles should start with the most basic single figure. For babies with good puzzles, you can start playing before two years old.

I believe that after these decomposition steps, the babies can slowly get the essence of the jigsaw puzzle!

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