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How Three-Dimensional Books Can Improve Children's Reading Ability

Jul. 11, 2020

The colorful and creative three-dimensional book can attract people of all ages, including children and adults. This is why we like pop-up books.

What is a better book than a picture book? It is a three-dimensional book that will jump out of the book plane! This is why the three-dimensional book designer (professional name: paper art engineer) contributes a lot to readers.

Pop-up book is interactive

There are many turning pages and pulling pages in a three-dimensional book, and it can turn ordinary pictures into 3D. Even the most reluctant readers will want to turn the page and be curious to see the next scene.

3D Pop up Children's Book

Child psychologists say: "This is a great way to add extra incentives and rewards for reading, especially for children who will soon feel bored with a particular thing."

In addition, touching the interactive structure in the book can make children feel that they are in the story, which makes it more attractive.

Pop-up books help increase vocabulary

Reading a three-dimensional book will not be one-off — children will want to experience it over and over again.

It is good to encourage repeated reading, because re-reading is an important part of strengthening children's vocabulary skills. Learning and understanding rereading books has many benefits for children.

The significance of the visualization and image of the three-dimensional book

As we age, when children transition to books with fewer pictures (or books with no pictures at all), visualizing characters, scenes, and pictures with imagination will become the key to understanding plain text.

Therefore, the three-dimensional book is very suitable for cultivating children's imagination. It depicts and reproduces the scenes in the story in three-dimensional form, allowing them to prepare for a richer reading experience in their lives.

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