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Six Psychological Factors Affecting Children's Reading (Part 1)

Jul. 23, 2020

Children's reading is a complicated process, and many factors can directly affect the development of children's reading ability. Mirror wall sticker supplier shares with you. It can be summarized as follows:

1. Backwardness in language acceptance

When people face language materials, the first learning process is the acceptance process. This process is the process of identifying and understanding characters, words and sentences. If this process is difficult or lagging behind, children will have obstacles in the understanding of spoken and written language materials. Children who are lagging behind in the acceptance process usually have the same behavior as above:

① They don't understand the meaning of common words, especially the more abstract words. They speak like children younger than themselves, simple and vivid;

② Cannot understand normal sentences. If they are allowed to comprehend a certain meaning in an adult’s conversation, they will find it very difficult and have poor results on the reading test;

③ They don’t understand the rules, they don’t pay attention to the teacher’s speech or the parent’s speech, which is mainly caused by the backward listening ability;

④ Cannot listen critically, and cannot judge.

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2. Laggard in language generation, that is, unable to express or write

After hearing or seeing the text, we have to accept it, store it in our brain, and finally express the text. To express words, we must first generate words in the brain, either in the form of auditory representations or in the form of visual representations. Some children did not lag behind in the reception link, but when they lag behind in the production link, they still have difficulties in reading. Children who lag behind in this area usually have this behavior:

① Poor vocabulary when speaking, or incoherent or indecision when speaking;

② The vocabulary is monotonous and poor, always using several identical words;

③ Don't dare to speak in class, or fail to speak clearly when speaking;

④ When writing, often lift the pen and forget the characters, or write typos;

⑤ Love to write or not to talk, or to talk or not to write.

The backwardness in language production is not only related to the development of audiovisual ability, but also to the influence of the acquired environment. So the third factor that affects children's reading ability is family.

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