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Five Jigsaw Puzzles to Teach Children about the Whole and the Parts

Jun. 09, 2020

Children can't play puzzles, they always misspell, or always get the wrong direction when imitating some geometric figures, what should I do?

The DIY Fridge Sticker Snowman supplier believes that the problem of children's lack of cognition or understanding of game rules is ruled out. In fact, this is probably because the children cannot fully understand and experience the relationship between the object part and the whole, and cannot understand the items. How the parts make up the whole, and the connections between similar items.

Therefore, here I have collected some OEM Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids of appropriate difficulty. These games all help to improve the child's visual organization ability, coordination of visual action and coordination ability, which can help children understand the whole With parts.

Spell Facebook

Activity preparation: Facebook puzzle

Activity process: let the child observe the puzzle, take one piece, and then put it back in place, let the child observe the process, and when they are familiar with the puzzle, put the missing piece aside and let the child point to the missing piece And let him try to draw the outline of the missing part with his fingers, and finally give him the puzzle and let the child complete the puzzle.


Activity preparation: round puzzle

At the beginning, remove a small piece of the round puzzle and let the child complete it. After taking the child to complete it independently, try to take more pieces to let him fight.

Fight square

Activity preparation: Isosceles right-angled triangle blocks or thick cards, square and rectangular blocks or thick cards

(1) At the beginning, show the children the squares built with two isosceles right-angled triangles to let them imitate, and then use other geometric figures to create square templates for children to imitate.

(2) After that, let the children complete the following figures without a template.

a Use two medium-sized triangles and four small triangles to make two squares.

b Use two rectangles and four small squares to make two large squares.

Puzzle matching

Activity preparation: puzzles of various characters or occupations divided into upper and lower halves (1) Prepare two or three groups of two-half puzzles with obvious different characteristics, such as divers, doctors and little boys, put the upper body of the character puzzle on the table in advance On the other hand, let the children splice on the template.

(2) Next, give the children some similar two-piece puzzles, such as athletes and construction workers all wearing blue pants, so that children can learn to observe the details.

Four-piece puzzle

Preparation for the event: some colorful four-piece puzzles, such as dolls, trees, etc.

(1) Let the children see the same color pictures in advance and tell them that these puzzle pieces can form the same pattern. If the child feels too difficult, you can give appropriate tips.

(2) After the child has already spelled out some of the exercises, disperse a group of puzzles and adjust the direction on the table, let the child learn to rotate the blocks to combine them. It should be noted that the printed side should be oriented Otherwise, it may increase the difficulty.

(3) Two pairs of four pieces of puzzles are mixed together for children to spell. It should be explained in advance that the pieces on the table can be combined into two pieces of puzzles.

In fact, we can make toys like puzzles, and the transition from big to small, easy to difficult changes flexibly with the improvement of children's abilities. Don't take it too fast, and don't forget to encourage during the activity!

OEM Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

OEM Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

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