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The Power of a Little Post-It Note

Apr. 16, 2020

I have always forgotten to do something recently, so I started thinking about how to remember and implement what I should do. The key is to implement.

Sticky notes are really simple and practical.

The point is that this is more convenient than a mobile phone. I used to think it was enough to have a mobile phone memo. In this case, the mobile phone memo is really not enough.

Looking at the mobile phone memo, many things have been recorded densely. But some things really passed a year, and they did not insist on doing it. If you post it, you can see it every day by opening your eyes, and it will naturally remind yourself.

Anyone can use this little trick. The price of post-it notes is very affordable. Second, the operation is very simple, just write it yourself. Thirdly, it is convenient to replace, just tear it and replace it with a new one.

Bookmarks Paper Sticky Notes

Bookmarks Paper Sticky Notes

I also found another trick, when you want to change the new post-it, you can play folding games. The one I fold the most is the paper plane.

Next, Sticky notepad set supplier summarizes the role of post-it notes:

1. Incentive. Write words that motivate yourself and post them where you can open your eyes. Every day starts with a good mood.

2. Remind unfinished matters.

In life, I always forget some small things and small things. For example, children wear red scarves when they go to school. Just post a post-it note at your doorstep! I think one for father, one for mother, and one for children.

3. Replace bookmarks. Traditional bookmarks are easy to slip and can't know exactly where to see. With bookmarks paper sticky notes, this problem is solved perfectly.

4. Learning helper. Especially memory knowledge, such as English. A piece of post-it notes every day, you can learn a lot when you are driving, buying food, waiting for someone's debris! If you use a mobile phone, you are easily disturbed by other information.

5. Fun origami. When you are finished, you can fold the plane, paper crane, etc. to exercise your hands.

6. Help develop good habits. The development of a new habit requires a minimum of 21 days of perseverance. It will inevitably be delayed when it starts to be implemented. Post a post-it note at this time to remind yourself to stick!

7. Decoration. Sticky wall is actually a decorative style, and you can DIY yourself. Make a home style wall at home, a message board (write down what you want to say to your family, sorry, write down), and some milk tea shops also use post-it notes to attract concerns about the message ... all are very good choices.

Give it a try, you know!

Although the price is affordable, don't waste it! Remember to throw it in the trash when you are done!

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