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9 Kinds Of Creative Game Puzzle Book

What kind of book does the baby like? Cloth book, hole book, pop-up book, coloring book, voice book?

Generally speaking, the book selection should be viewed from the baby’s perspective. It is fun and educational, interactive, full of colors, childlike patterns, and meets the baby’s cognitive level and psychological needs. Such picture books are more popular with babies. ~

Therefore, this set of books specially brought to the Ma Ma today is not only fun, but also a lot of knowledge!

The role of puzzle books, crossword puzzle books for kids

Let's talk about the importance of parent-child reading at the age of 0-6(crossword puzzle books for kids):

  • Understanding of semantics: Children who have read a lot from childhood understand the meaning of the whole story, not individual words, words or even phrases. We start with the general idea of the whole story, the central idea and the general idea of the paragraph in Chinese teaching . Therefore, it is unreasonable for parents-child reading or two or three-year-old children to point out that reading and recognizing characters at the beginning, and it will greatly reduce children's interest in reading.

  • There is a kind of book called puzzle book: a variety of books, clip art, maze, hands-on operation, stickers, etc. The effect of this type of book cannot be underestimated. It not only exercises children's small muscles, but also exercises all-round exercises. Develop good reading habit for children.

  • Reading is the foundation of all subjects: when your child goes to school, you can't read Chinese without reading, and math application problems can't do without reading. Even English also takes a lot of points in reading comprehension, so reading is the foundation of everything. , Without good reading habits, without certain reading ability, everything is for nothing, are you right?

  • Reading blank: The so-called reading to form children’s various abilities means that you must leave blanks for your children. Don’t blindly use your own eyes to inspire children to think about reading. The bigger the child, the more obvious it is. When the child understands, the child's blank time is very important. Thinking ability will directly determine the child's consciousness of independent thinking in elementary school in the future.

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