Scratch off Cards

Scratch off Cards

Scratch off Cards is a coating that is covered with numbers and letters passwords, so scratch off cards are also called password-covered cards, account cards or billing password cards. There are many types of scratch cards. The most widely used in the market are reward scratch cards, stripping cards, recharge cards, password cards, consumer coupons, point cards and so on.

Make Scratch off Cards

Production: After the promotional materials are printed, the system software automatically reads the excel data, and the code is continuously printed on each printed product, and it is immediately completed.

Using scratch cards for promotion is a good choice for merchants today, and it is also a relatively acceptable way for consumers. In addition to making scratch cards, the award must be reasonable and attractive, but they must also be well-designed and have their own brand characteristics. To make scratch cards, you have to find a company that specializes in scratch cards to help you plan. Domestically, there are general scratch cards and so on. When making a scratch card, you should pay attention to the security of the data. It needs to be kept confidential during the production and printing process, and some anti-counterfeiting functions should be provided, which can better protect against forgery and see through.

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