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How to Easily Tear Off the Label Sticker

Sep. 29, 2020

There should be many people who often encounter whether it is buying cups, dishes, books, etc., there will always be a pile of labels on them, and it is really not a simple thing to tear off these stickers beautifully.

Most of the paper on the surface is torn off, but the adhesive is still tightly stuck on the object. This state really makes people crazy.

Let me introduce to you today. As long as you use these little things that are available in almost every household, you can easily remove the label sticker without having to buy a special label remover.

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1. Hair dryer

Using the high temperature of a hair dryer, blow towards the label paper for about 45 seconds to melt the adhesive of the sticker, and then the label paper can be easily torn off!

2. Vinegar

Acidic vinegar is a good helper for decomposing sticker adhesive. Just use facial tissue or cloth dipped in vinegar, and evenly spread on the label paper. After standing for 10 minutes, the label paper can be easily torn off.

3. Hand cream

The moisturizing ingredients of the hand cream can easily tear the label paper! Apply the hand cream to the label paper and it will be peeled off after ten minutes.

4. Dishwashing liquid

The interface activator of the detergent is a good helper for removing the label. Just apply the detergent on the label paper and let it stand for ten minutes, then the label sticker can be easily removed.

5. Eraser

If you encounter a more tenacious label sticker, the sticker has been torn off, but the adhesive still sticks to the article.

You can try the eraser, and gently rub it on the sticker a few times, the remaining adhesive will be wiped off immediately!

These little things are available in almost every household, and they are readily available. As long as you make good use of them, you will no longer have the trouble of sticking labels on cups or books!

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