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Six Psychological Factors Affecting Children's Reading (Part 3)

Aug. 24, 2020

5. Education is ahead or behind

Sometimes the materials presented in the school are too difficult to apply to a child’s current level, which can lead to children’s fear of reading. Some children like visual reading materials, and some children are interested in abstract reading materials, and schools cannot always meet the special needs of different children. Our company provides puzzle book.

Therefore, when faced with the same reading material, it is difficult for some children to adapt. In addition, the deviation of reading teaching is also a factor that affects learning. When teaching reading, some teachers place too much emphasis on pronunciation and recognition of character shapes, and not enough emphasis on reading as a process of comprehension. Therefore, children are trained to only pay attention to reading aloud instead of People who value understanding.

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6. Reading interest issues

There was one student whose grades were the last in the class. The composition is full of wrong words and he didn't like reading. He watched the animation at home every day after school. At first, we thought it was a dyslexia, but in the reading diagnosis, we found that there was no major problem with his understanding of the reading material. After understanding, it was discovered that his problem lies in his reading interest. He reads only military-related documents. As long as it is war-related articles and novels, he can read them quickly and understand them accurately. As soon as he arrived at the other kinds of articles in the Chinese class, he was very incompetent. He could not analyze the main idea of the paragraph, did not know the analysis of the characters in the text, and did not understand the grammar. It turned out that he was interested in war books, which enabled him to accumulate a lot of vocabulary related to this. Therefore, the more he reads, the more capable he is, and the more capable he is, the more interested. As a result, he only reads war-related Books, but cannot read other things.

Parents should cultivate children's broad interest in reading, do not allow children to develop arbitrarily, and give proper guidance when children start to read. Be concerned about what books your children read, and correct your children's one-sided reading interest in time.

The above six factors sometimes appear at the same time, but more often they appear separately. Parents can compare the above factors to review whether there is any backwardness related to this in their family education and children's psychological development.

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