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Is There Any Other Use for Post-It Notes?

Apr. 28, 2020

There are many inventions in this world, originally intended to solve some small problems in life, but some people accidentally used it in other places, but turned it into an essential thing in life.

For example, the post-it was invented more than 40 years ago. At first, it was probably used to write down temporary phone numbers and addresses for hotel guests; it was a guy with bad memory who wanted to write down something anytime, anywhere; In those days when there was no WeChat, roommates who lived under the same roof but had jet lag were just a tool for communicating with each other.

Later, post-it notes became a must-have for everyone's home travel. Because blanks have no presets, are small, can be pasted repeatedly, and are portable, post-it notes play a major role in the work and life of most people: memos, tags, notes, and messages.

Today, people have long been dissatisfied with taking it as a sticky note. As long as they are given unlimited post-it notes, they can play with flowers.

Think of different colored sticky notes as "pixels", and you can make unique pixel-style murals without powerful computer graphics skills. Sticky notepad set supplier will introduce you to the role of sticky notes.

1. Collect ideas

Buzzy discussions often become inefficient due to factors such as dimension, ability to express, etc. If everyone writes down the thoughts that pop up in their minds with the help of post-it notes. Then after a short period of divergence, we can still classify, screen and sort out these fragments of thinking.

2. Kanban synchronization

Although there are all kinds of online collaboration tools for us to synchronize the team's daily work plan every week, this still cannot replace the convenience and nature of post-it. Change the work arrangement into colors, and look up when you need it. You can discuss the changes at any time without having to open small windows.

3. Playing sticky notes pad set is a technical activity

In addition to the thinking level, in fact, there are a lot of noteworthy points in the operation of the post-it. For example, you may not necessarily tear up post-it notes.

Sticky Notepad Set Supplier

Sticky Notepad Set Supplier

We often do this, tearing off the post-it slickly and casually. However, this tends to keep the teared-off sticky notes up all the time, which is not conducive to sticking and it is not easy to read the contents above. If it is perpendicular to the sticky board of the sticky note, slowly tear it from left to right. In addition, we can also carry different information in different colors to make the flat paper layered. Yellow is the classic color when post-it notes were first introduced. Now various brands and series of sticky notes have derived many colors. The different recognition of colors is easier to form a direct and strong visual impact, so you can use color to classify when making information boards, and you can also be more targeted and selective when browsing information. Like all other tools, sticky notes are really widely used, not because "this is a stack of small pieces of paper that can be posted everywhere", but because of the team collaboration thinking reflected behind it.

3. Encourage every idea to be seen

We think that every idea is valuable, and an independent post-it seems to be meaningless may be the beginning of the next inspiration. When all people's seemingly wild ideas converge into a "pool", many unexpected ideas may be generated in the free combination of ideas. Instead of arguing about right or wrong, we emphasize all possibilities and creativity. All ideas are treated equally-written on a bookmarks paper sticky notes in front of everyone.

4. Encourage visual systematic thinking

When we are thinking, we sometimes construct a looming picture in our minds, and then sort out and summarize them into abstract words or words. Post-it notes provide a special carrier of thinking: you can write on it or draw on it, turning those unclear ideas into simple diagrams. Whether it is drawing post-it notes, or arranging and combining post-it notes, is itself a process of visualizing thinking.

5. Encourage concise and direct expression

When people use language to discuss, in addition to opinions related to the topic, the words are often mixed with personal expectations, emotions and communication habits, and keyword-type post-it notes can most simply present your most central opinions. This not only improves the clarity of views and reduces ambiguity; it also improves efficiency and presents the largest number of ideas in the shortest time.

6. Encourage collaboration for variability and flexibility

In the process of collaboration, there will always be many changes that cannot keep up with the plan, so the ability to iterate quickly and adjust flexibly is very necessary. We need to change our thinking from complete and detailed to systematic, fragmented and modular. At this time, the small and reusable sticky notes became the "container" of this way of thinking. We use it to learn to instantly reorganize, organize, and replace the listed ideas, and quickly present visible results as the process progresses.

To put it simply, post-it notes help us "think by hand" through a small piece of paper, and change the thinking process from closed, personal, stream of consciousness to transparent, open, systematic, and focused Focus on reducing misunderstandings, so that the synchronization rate of teamwork can grow up.

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